What’s Going On (Diary)

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Discover The Secret To Motivating Your Kids To Clean & More!
Don’t you wish you could get your kids more motivated and willing to help you clean your home! Or, do
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My First Vlog & Family Introduction
Why I Started Vlogging and Getting to Know My Family
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Want To Win $50?
A Story Written By My 7-Year-Old Daughter For “My Followers” My 7-year-old daughter came up with an idea to write
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Why Every Day Should Be Mother’s Day
Today’s Topic & What You’ll Learn Where Mother’s Day Came From – Little History Lesson Why One Day To Celebrate
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Enjoy Them While You Can – They Won’t Be Kids Forever
Today’s Topic & What You’ll Learn The moments we take for granted and need to be with our children Personal
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Discover How To Be Successful: Top 10 Self-Improvement Books You Should Be Reading
Today’s Topic & What You’ll Learn My Top 10 Self Improvement Books I have read How each one changed my
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My 2019 Goals – What Do You Want To Achieve This Year?
Today’s Topic & What You’ll Learn How goals are not always easy to set What my goals this year are
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Bringin’ Back The Good Ol’ Days Of Easter
Please Take A Moment To Check Out Our Special Featured Bloggers At The Bottom Of This Page Today’s Topic &
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I Received The Blogger Recognition Award – Why It’s So Important!
A huge shout out and thank you goes to Gurru Says for nominating me to receive my first Bloggers Recognition
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Do You Say “What If” Too Often?
Special Featured Bloggers – See Amazing Blogs Done By Incredible People At Bottom Of This Page Today’s Topics & What
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